A Real Mermaid

By Bonnie Donovan and Jennifer Leach-Trask


“ Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”

And so it was with this lovely lady and her photoshoot with Project Mermaid.

Jennifer Leach-Trask is no ordinary lady. At 61yrs, she is a swimmer, a business woman a wife, a mother and a stunning beauty. She exudes life with a twinkle in her eyes. She is inspiring, and she has a way of capturing blessings and enjoying them to their potential. She is a real lady, and she is a real mermaid.

Jennifer was raised in a small town in Northern Ontario ( if that is even important) and she had several careers, hotel management, travel and airline industry and she started her own Image Consulting business in 2015.
When Jennifer moved to Kelowna she was very taken by how active people were and what a beautiful area Kelowna was.  Jennifer was at the time working 10-12 hour days, she was a smoker and she was 30 pounds heavier than she is today.
 Jennifer decided she needed to  find a better balance in her life so she started running.  Her running evolved to 5k, 10k then half marathons and full marathons.  During that time she had heard about Ironman Canada in Penticton so at the age of 45, Jennifer became a triathlete.  She trained and worked 10 hours days and competed as an age group triathlete in over 60 events in the Okanagan Region, she completed Ironman in 2003 and she went on to do some international races in Portugal and Australia.
 Jennifer sustained a knee injury in 2010  and after 3 knee scopes she had to stop running so she turned her focus to swimming. Jennifer is a member of the local Masters Swim Club OMSC and she swims 5 times a week and has competed in several local, provincial and national swim meets. Jennifer’s swimming evolved to  include a love of ocean swimming as well and she and 4 other women swam the Georgia Strait in 2012 (Sechelt to Nanaimo 35k ocean crossing) Jennifer has also done the Bay Challenge in Vancouver and she joined 5 other swimmers in 2014 to  swim from the Apple in Kelowna to the Peach in Penticton ( 55k)  Jennifer loves !! swimming.  Jennifer also works out at H20 4 times a week.
Jennifer believes that everyone has beauty and strength and unlimited capabilities all of  which she promotes and helps men and women to achieve through her image consulting business.
Jennifer had a dream come true when she found Bonnie Donovan’s Project Mermaid and she did a professional photo shoot as a mermaid on Aug. 29th. Jennifer said that Bonnie helped her to  feel like the most beautiful, sensual and alluring woman she has every felt like and that she would encourage any woman to get their portrait, boudoir or mermaid photos done with Bonnie Donovan. It was a transformational experience for Jennifer. You can learn more about Jennifer and the amazing work she does on Facebook : JLT Image Consulting, and on the web: http://jltimage.com

Contact Project Mermaid for your own photo-shoot as a mermaid!  info@projectmermaid.ca



Contact Project Mermaid for your own photo-shoot as a mermaid! info@projectmermaid.ca



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Contact Project Mermaid for your own photo-shoot as a mermaid! info@projectmermaid.ca

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