Catch of the Day

The sun was setting beautifully and we were able to capture some beautiful rays for this mermaid photoshoot. It was a very windy evening, an Ashley and I braved it on a couple of private beaches on Okanagan Lake last week. This time of year is rather warm so it was actually refreshing. Two young friendly men who had been drinking appeared and one gave us a show as he dropped his drawers and ran into the lake with the waves swelling, and the wind in his hair. He kept thinking we were there to go swimming, because that was what was on his mind. We laughed as we watched him. He then had enough of freezing, and ran back to his car leaving us the beach to ourselves to complete our photoshoot.

Mermaids are beautiful, sensitive creatures and this one was no exception. Thank you, Ashley for doing this and being part of Project Mermaid Okanagan!



“You’re like the ocean, pretty enough on the surface,

but dive down to your depths, you’ll see beauty most people never see.”

Ashley Blog post


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