About Bonnie & Project Mermaid

Kelowna photographer, and socialpreneur, Bonnie Donovan, founded Project Mermaid Okanagan in 2014. The idea sprung from a similar project in Southern California called Project Mermaids, where a fashion photographer and an underwater photographer teamed up to take pictures of mermaids in different locations, asking people to 'Save Our Beach'. Bonnie emailed them to say she would like to bring the concept to the Okanagan. She wanted to use the idea to draw attention to some of the ecological threats to our valley's lakes, and because it gives a reason for women to be a mermaid! There are future plans for doing some interesting things with this project!


Project Mermaid is pleased to support the work of the Okanagan Basin Water Board. Using creative photographs of beautiful mermaids on Okanagan beaches, viewers are given facts about some of the water's threats, then directed to the informative websites of the Okanagan Basin Water Board to educate the public.

Bonnie has volunteered her photographic skills for multiple charitable organizations over the years, including Pets and People Visiting Society, Wish Come True Society, Wild Women Wise Women Foundation, 100 Women Who Care, Open for Change, and the Central Okanagan Hospice Association's annual fundraiser: Swinging With the Stars. Her company, Bonne Belle Photography, puts 100% of it's profits back into funding Project Mermaid Okanagan.

Bonnie's childhood fascination with mermaids, her passion for beautiful portrait photography, and her desire to speak up for nature all came together for this project.

Special thanks to:

Mermaids: Elyssa Donovan, Amanda Niicole, & Candice J Bentley Bergh

Assistant: Goss Hume

Logo: Ashley Erickson

Located in Kelowna, BC

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